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Corfe Grey

This colour was inspired by a landmark called Corfe Castle in Dorset that was always part of our family holidays. This partly ruined castle in the pretty village of Corfe became the back drop to many a game of hide-and-seek in the sunshine. It was about scrambling across the ruins without a care in the world and spending time with our family. - Lizzie

Ufton Grey

The name of our wedding venue. A winter wedding just a few sleeps away from Christmas, the colour grey became a festive and exciting theme for the day; the tweed suits for the groomsmen, the bridesmaids' dresses and the stone-tiled flooring in the barn where we danced our first dance. - Will and Rachel

Green Lane

Our gran lived on Green Lane in Ilford. We would always gather there for larger family gatherings with all the aunties, uncles and our cousins. The house had been in the family for a long time and it was where our dad, Tony, grew up. Often Gran would cook a roast chicken and she would always insist on everyone getting together for a group photo. When there were 20+ people, that got quite tricky but she would always insist. - James and George

Hilly Fields

Often on a Sunday afternoon, after our lunch, we would go for a walk. Hilly Fields is a green open space just a short 5-minute walk from our house in Lexden, Colchester. We would crunch through the leaves in Autumn and climb trees. When we got home, dad would light a roaring fire. - Harry


Family holidays when we were growing up were always in Dorset. We had a touring caravan, which would be towed from Colchester to a site not far from Studland. Studland is a sandy beach where we spend a lot of time. We would swim in the sea and dig holes in the sand. - Charlie

Cornish Cream

The youngest of the two sisters, Charlie has always loved ice cream. Whenever we would go out for the day, or on holiday, she would end up with the biggest ice cream ever and loved every minute of eating it. It would often end up all around her mouth. As a result, we named her the ice cream queen! — Sara


When I was on the road selling paint, I met a customer who built fibreglass dinghies. I did a deal and he sold me a bare ten-foot Hull. I brought it home upside down on the roof of the company mini - it looked like a giant snail. Dad and I fitted it out. First, just for rowing on a local canal. However, having discovered sailing, I designed and made the extra bits to turn the dinghy into a sail boat by scaling pictures of ready-made sailing boats - a mast, dagger board, rigging, rudder and used home-sewing machine to make the sails. - Tony

Old Landy

Our old grey Land Rover was the family vehicle for a number of years. When dad first started selling paint, it was also the delivery vehicle. It towed the caravan on family holidays and has done a lot of miles. It is noisy, it rattles, and once the roof was removed, no one could remember how to put it back on! It was recently refurbished for dad’s 70th birthday. - The Cheeld Family